Love the Earth

The Earth can teach us how to Love I have explored the high mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada for over six decades. In all of that time, I always find something that inspires me whenever I am hiking in that wondrous paradise. In fact, it is one of the most important things I do… Continue reading Love the Earth

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Recreating the American Spirit

The American Spirit was born with a revolution in Human Consciousness In the beginning of the world experiment that is known as the United States of America, there was a revolutionary mindset that existed in the founders of this great project. That mindset was based on the assumption that a better world could be created… Continue reading Recreating the American Spirit

Oneness is the Beginning

To understand compassion and Love for each other, one needs to begin with the revelation of oneness. In America today, kindness and caring for each other has been replaced in many regions of our country with fear and poverty. Without a safe place to live and enough nutritious food to eat, an individual or family… Continue reading Oneness is the Beginning

American Mindset Transformation

The most critical challenge for America today is changing how people perceive their world. This is especially true for those Americans who are comfortable with their lives and lifestyles. What will motivate the typical upper middle class American who lives in a nice comfortable home located in a safe neighborhood? What possible reason would such… Continue reading American Mindset Transformation

Sonoma Coast

Coastal Cove Coastline near Salt Point Surf edge near Salt Point Coastal meadow

Bodega Bay

Bodega Head Bodega Harbour Bay Hill Road view Salmon trawler on Bodega Harbour

High Sierra

Gilmore Lake Desolation Valley Cascade Lake view from Mt Tallac Pyramid Peak, Desolation Valley

Lake Tahoe

Mt Tallac near Cascade Lake Taylor Creek Area West Shore near Taylor Creek South Shore view

Living more Eco Friendly

When I am hiking on the trails near the ridgetops of the High Sierra mountain range near Lake Tahoe, California, I often pause for awhile and simply observe the wonderous natural surroundings around me. It is at these moments of pause and reflection that I truly understand why I was created here on this planet… Continue reading Living more Eco Friendly

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Living Off the Grid

By reducing the footprint of our human dwellings we will create a more sustainable lifestyle I designed and built my first Tiny house in the summer of 2019. The design evolved over the course of time to ultimately become a unique and efficient living space. One of the main features that was added to my… Continue reading Living Off the Grid

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