Living Off the Grid

By reducing the footprint of our human dwellings we will create a more sustainable lifestyle

I designed and built my first Tiny house in the summer of 2019. The design evolved over the course of time to ultimately become a unique and efficient living space. One of the main features that was added to my basic design was the two “pop-out” structures that gave more floor space to the downstairs. By adding a counter area in the bathroom section and a sitting area in the main living space, I achieved a more comfortable and spacious house. Also, I added a full size bedroom that was built after the unit was transported to it’s final and permanent location. This gave the structure a much more comfortable sleeping area with a ceiling height comparable to a normal residence.

One of the main ways that our human culture can change for the better is to change the “stories” that we tell ourselves about what will make us happy. By shifting those internal dialogues to include the “happiness” and well-being of the planet and it’s healthy future, instead of simply our own personal comforts and selfish concerns, we will transform our thoughts and the earth’s ecosystem into a much cleaner and more life sustaining world.

There are many individuals and small communities that exist today that have chosen to downsize there lifestyles and use much less energy and consume far smaller amounts of food and fresh water. They are located in both rural and urban communities in the United States. They believe that one of the main ways that the planet can avoid almost certain destruction is to start with their own unique lives and mindsets. Rather than blaming the inept rulers of the world for creating chaos, pollution, and contamination of valuable resources, these enlightened and self-aware individuals simply live a life that is much less harmful to their immediate environment. And many of these individuals and families have chosen to live in Tiny Houses.

There are thousands of designs available for either low cost or free on the internet. A simple search for “Tiny House Designs” on Google will result in many options to choose from. If you are not experienced in building your own structure than there is also many Tiny House builders and companies that offer completed or partially finished units for a wide range of prices. Also, to view a more detailed representation of my own design you can visit My Tiny House.

By changing our stories and beliefs, the individual in today’s chaotic and uncertain world, can transform their lives and the life of our planet into a much more sustainable eco-system . The culture that exists today has been created by individuals and governments that have, for centuries, promoted only the well-being and longevity of their own particular region, country, or way of life. This has led to intense competition, greed, and even warfare. Their has been little or no concern for what their actions have done to the health and sustainability of our planet’s fragile environment. From the destruction of our vital rain forests to the pollution of the planet’s fresh water ways to the contamination of the atmosphere, human civilization has managed to bring us to the brink of disaster. It is vital now, more than any other time in human history, for the individual to stand up against this onslaught of human ignorance and destruction, and live a more intelligent and sustainable lifestyle. By changing our thoughts and stories and living in harmony with nature instead of brutally destroying and pillaging our valuable resources, only then can we create a world that can support a healthy human global community.

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