Love the Earth

The Earth can teach us how to Love

I have explored the high mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada for over six decades. In all of that time, I always find something that inspires me whenever I am hiking in that wondrous paradise. In fact, it is one of the most important things I do to remain somewhat sane in this truly insane world that we all find ourselves in these days. From the powerful granite ridges to the crystal clear streams that drain from the snow melts in springtime, there are an infinite variety of sights, sounds and fragrances that stimulate and inspire me.

I consider myself a naturalist. I define this term as a knowledgeable lover of nature and all that exists in the natural world. Now, many people see our natural environment as something quite terrifying and to be walled out from the world in which they live. They build elaborate and comfortable houses to protect themselves from the harshness of the elements. In fact, in these “modern times” in America, it is considered a fundamental basic requirement of successful living to occupy a spacious and luxurious home with all of the modern conveniences that go with it. To have a large estate with a 3000 square foot home on 10 acres of land in a posh wealthy neighborhood on a hillside overlooking the lights of a nearby city is the dream of many Americans. Well folks, I am here to tell you that this elaborate and wasteful way to live and to aspire to live is not only wrong, but actually one of the main reasons that our culture and actually the Earth that we occupy is in such dire straits. With millions of our fellow Americans living in poverty with fear and hopelessness as their daily reality, we must all consider a more efficient lifestyle that treats our planet with the respect and reverence that it truly deserves. Instead of robbing the dwindling natural resources that are required to build and maintain these monuments of human wastefulness, we should set as a national priority to honor and Love our Mother Earth and all of her components, including our fellow less fortunate American and world brothers and sisters. To downsize our thoughts and actions to live in smaller more “eco-friendly” dwellings is to become more respectful and responsible to the true home that we all occupy, Mother Earth.

I am beginning to sense this new attitude of higher consciousness in many young people throughout this new world of the 21 st century. It appears to be, more and more of our members of the younger generation in America are electing to rethink their priorities that their parents had. To put more emphasis on life’s experiences and events and less on how and where we live is, I think, a growing trend in our culture. Many people are now coming to the realization that their lives and the health and future of our planet Earth are much too precious to live in the old ways of the past.

The new mindset that is tremendously important in today’s world requires a complete transformation in the way we perceive reality. To come to the realization that we are truly part of and not separate from our natural environment is a monumental shift in human thought. In the same way that the health of our personal body is essential to a happy and healthy life, we must realize that the condition and health of our planet is not only important, but absolutely necessary to the continuation and, indeed, the very survival of our human species in the future.

I encourage you to begin or continue your search for true Love. This Love is not the love that is impermanent , filled with jealousy and attachment to some thing or some one. It is not the romantic love that old classic movies written by tired old classic writers portray. It is , indeed, a permanent Love. A permanence that stands for eternity and a Love that is truly God-like in nature. It is a Love that can only be truly experienced from within. A Love that can be shared through kindness, admiration and respect for all living and non-living things. This is a Love that is drastically needed in this current world where greed, violence, and misery are too often found in the hearts and minds of humanity and the destructive cultures that surrounds them. Without this permanent and infinitely powerful force of Love, I am afraid there will come to an end this thing that we call Life on planet Earth.

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By gold67

Born and raised in California,USA. Home builder, Photographer, Naturalist, Artist, Writer and Explorer. Passionate about the High Sierra mountain range near Lake Tahoe, CA