Oneness is the Beginning

To understand compassion and Love for each other, one needs to begin with the revelation of oneness.

In America today, kindness and caring for each other has been replaced in many regions of our country with fear and poverty. Without a safe place to live and enough nutritious food to eat, an individual or family member becomes fearful and resentful. The spirit of Love and freedom are literally wiped away and replaced with fear and depression. This is happening to millions of our fellow Americans in many parts of the United States. For many souls in these desperate regions, hopelessness for the future is the painful day to day reality.

There seems to be a growing number of spirit-minded individuals that are slowly but surely reversing these trends. In fact, it is my belief that when enough people arrive at a higher level of thinking and being real progress will be made to change the desperate conditions that exist in many of these impoverished regions of our nation. The ultimate challenge, then, will be to influence government and the law-makers that direct it to act with increased support and resources to rebuild and replenish the spirit of these communities. Only by individual efforts, one person at a time, will the numbers of these forward-thinking people reach what I would call a “critical-mass” which could result in real change.

The journey to a state of mind known as “Oneness” has been traveled by millions of people throughout the world and throughout human history. It has been described by many names including, but not limited to ; “Transcendence” , “Nirvana”, “Enlightenment”, or “Satori”. It describes a state of mind or “no-mind” that regards all life and forms of the universe as “One” . Nothing being separate from anything else, all things connected and inter-related. Beyond that, each and every entity, be it living, like the creatures of the waters and earth, or minerals , or gases of the atmosphere, are all completely dependent on each other for their existence. Furthermore, it can be shown that every particle of matter or any wave of energy has a direct influence on all that is contained in the infinite universe. These are quite remarkable ideas, some would say they form the basis for life itself or perhaps the true nature of “Reality” or the “Ground of Being”.

It is my suggestion that we all possess the power to reach this high level of being which is fundamental to our unique human consciousness. Some would argue that the “journey” to this state of being is not a journey at all, but simply the realization that we are, in fact capable of becoming this “Oneness” by choosing to unmask the shield that hides the true essence of our being from us. This shield is caused by many factors in our life’s experience. They include our early guidance from parents, school teachers, and friends. And, most importantly from the culture that we were born into. The values and priorities that we learn as young children will most often be carried by us throughout our lives.

In America today, in 2022, the true nature of our being has been replaced by , what I would call, a culture of consumerism. Millions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of hours of human thought and energy has been used to create a world of products and services that are deemed absolutely necessary for our happiness and well-being. Kitchen appliances such as dish-washers and microwaves, home improvements such as swimming pools and hot-tubs, and landscape products such as large and expensive palm trees and fully grown decorative ornamental shade trees, are being marketed by companies with an insatiable desire for profits and growth with a complete dis-regard to the needs or benefits to our over-burdened environment. Valuable natural resources are being used to create products that are simply useless expensive accessories deemed essential in America’s wasteful culture of consumerism.

In order to return to the values that are helpful to our planet and the human communities that occupy it, we need to change our perspective and priorities of what is important to us. To be compassionate to our fellow human neighbors will have the added benefit of caring for the natural renewable resources that we are so dependent upon. The divine search for our spiritual center should be made a top priority by, not only the individual citizen of these great United States of America, but also by those political leaders that control the vast economic and natural resources that this country contains. By re-directing our national will to the goals of peace and prosperity to those less fortunate, impoverished individuals that make up an ever-increasing percentage of the population of our country, our nation and indeed the entire world community will benefit tremendously.

By gold67

Born and raised in California,USA. Home builder, Photographer, Naturalist, Artist, Writer and Explorer. Passionate about the High Sierra mountain range near Lake Tahoe, CA