Recreating the American Spirit

The American Spirit was born with a revolution in Human Consciousness

In the beginning of the world experiment that is known as the United States of America, there was a revolutionary mindset that existed in the founders of this great project. That mindset was based on the assumption that a better world could be created than was currently
the reality for the subjects of a royal hierarchy known as the British Empire. These brave and forward thinking individuals risked their very lives and the lives of their family members to break free from the chains
of oppression imposed on them by their brutal rulers.

What resulted was a bloody and turbulent war known as the American Revolution. It lasted for eight long years from the spring of 1775 to the fall of 1783 when the British accepted American independence in the Treaty of Paris. Throughout that turbulent war, the quest for freedom from tyranny was held as a sacred obligation that would eventually lead to the creation of the bylaws of American civil liberties documented in the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe that that same spirit and moral commitment to “equality and justice for all”
still exists in the minds of all true American citizens today. I further contend that this spirit can be rekindled and is of great importance to the future and sustainability of, not only America, but the entire planet Earth on which we occupy.

Today, in 2022, the United States of America holds a very special role in the future of our planet. We belong to a nation that has tremendous energy and resources that could very well guide our planet to a sustainable and healthy world for the billions of our brothers and sisters that occupy it. However, in the past few decades America has lost it’s shine as the beacon of light and hope for the millions of people in the world looking for a better place to raise their families. Through a gradual change in how our policies and laws effect our fellow citizens, we now are home to millions upon millions of individuals and families that are struggling to provide even the basic necessities of food, shelter, and health care. These policies are sending valuable tax dollars and federal government subsidies to our giant corporations and are avoiding helping those communities that desperately need rebuilding and support. The moral and spiritual commitment that was born and is specifically outlined in the constitution of the United States of America is now being largely ignored to the favor of enhancing the wealth and prosperity of our most wealthy Americans and their destructive corporations. These corporations and their counterparts world wide are contributed in a large way to the erosion of our natural environment by clear cutting our precious rain-forests, contaminating our atmosphere with deadly and climate changing green-house gases, and polluting our rivers and oceans with deadly chemicals and garbage.

By creating and supporting a policy of protecting “American Interests” throughout the world, the United States government and it’s short-sighted and corrupt leaders have even gone to the extreme of declaring war in many parts of the world that hold valuable resources, like oil, that would help American corporations. The war in Vietnam and the recent war in Iraq are two recent examples. Because of these criminal policies, many of the world’s population and countries have come to fear rather than respect the United States of America. Instead of viewing America as a land of “equality and justice for all”, we are quickly becoming a nation, viewed by many, as a country of greed and violence. And, these traits can be seen in the rise of anger and lawlessness that is infected our own people in the impoverished and desolate communities of some of our urban and rural regions.

The core values of kindness, generosity, and Love are being replaced by selfishness, greed, and apathy in the mindset of many American citizens. Many Americans look at the political process of regional and national government as simply a battle between special interest groups. The republican right versus the democratic left has evolved into a continuing battle for power and righteousness that has left many potential voters disgusted and alienated. The all important and fundamental role of citizen participation in the democratic process is being tragically undermined by our current inept and self-serving political leadership. It is not simply a question of electing new leaders to our national and regional governing bodies that is essential, but instead to recreate a new national will from the American hearts and minds that occupy the homes and communities of this besieged country. To re-establish the fundamental values and moral commitment that our founding fathers so fervently addressed in our constitution and bill of rights is absolutely essential in re-directing our great country to face the incredible challenges of the world today.

What I am proposing today is, by no means, a simple process. Changing the core beliefs and habits of an entire culture is a daunting and seemingly impossible task. To alter literally generations of thoughts and teachings of millions of people can easily be seen as completely overwhelming and for many comfortable, well-fed, and somewhat content and happy American citizens unnecessary. To bring back the values and essence of our former great national leaders like, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., will be not only necessary but paramount in recreating the American spirit that could show the world a new version of these United States of America. A version that seeks equality and justice for all, not just the citizens of our country , but for the entire population of our planet. To truly understand and convey to our “foreign” neighbors that we truly are “brothers and sisters” of a world family. That to truly Love one another is not just the tired words from an ancient document that has no relevance in today’s modern world of ” high tech” and “low respect”. I contend that America and, indeed, the entire planet Earth is simply running out of time. One of the best hopes for a world that faces so many critical challenges is for the American citizen to rise up and face these immeasurable issues with a undying spirit of Love and compassion that is so desperately needed today.

By gold67

Born and raised in California,USA. Home builder, Photographer, Naturalist, Artist, Writer and Explorer. Passionate about the High Sierra mountain range near Lake Tahoe, CA