Human Awareness

To stimulate creativity and social and political change the individual in the world community needs to be fully awake.

American Mindset Transformation

The most critical challenge for America today is changing how people perceive their world. This is especially true for those Americans who are comfortable with their lives and lifestyles. What will motivate the typical upper middle class American who lives in a nice comfortable home located in a safe neighborhood? What possible reason would such an individual, or family member, choose to change his internal mindset when his whole life has been dedicated to the creation of this “American Dream” lifestyle?

Throughout our brief history, the United States of America has been transformed from a small colony of European immigrants to a world super-power. Along the way, these “upstart colonists” through the determination of our early founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin, were lead to actively rebel against the tyrannical laws and restrictions imposed upon them by their former rulers from the English royalty. The restrictive taxes and regulations that were ordered by the English ruling class served to ignite the revolutionary spirit of these early citizens of our country. This lead to the American Revolutionary War. This bloody confrontation between the American colonists and the British armed forces lasted for over eight years from the spring of 1775 to the fall of 1783 when Britain accepted American independence in the Treaty of Paris.

Today, in 2022, much has changed for America and it’s citizens. We have endured civil wars, world wars, economic depressions and recessions, abject poverty and civil unrest, and extreme public health crisis like our current Covid-19 pandemic. We have produced great inventors, statesmen, and religious leaders like Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. We have achieved huge strides in medicine, agriculture, and energy production. We have changed the living conditions for the better for many impoverished and under nourished children and families in some regions of the world. There are many things that America has contributed to the world and it’s people that are to be praised and applauded.

We are now in a world wide environmental crisis. The earth’s atmosphere is contaminated with a lethal concentration of “greenhouse” gasses which contribute to an increase in the world’s temperature to historical records each year. This has resulted in extremes of weather including persistent drought, monsoon-like rains, horrific events like hurricanes and tornadoes, and a basic shift in our climate to a much more unstable and unpredictable source of weather. These added greenhouse gasses include CO2, methane, and other chemical compounds that are the direct result of human activities. The burning of fossil fuels by automobiles, large trucks and machinery, commercial airlines, and energy production facilities, among others, has led to this destructive situation. Another major contributor to this global catastrophe is the consistent and continued destruction of the planet’s rain-forest . By eliminating the millions of trees in these fragile ecosystems, humans are reducing the natural process of oxygen production that is essential to our atmosphere’s health and ability to sustain human and animal life. One of the primary reasons for this destructive activity is for clearing land in the name of domestic animal production by providing more grazing land for human food production. And, the United States is one of the largest importers of beef and other animal food supplies that are produced in these devastated regions.

The world’s human population has been increasing at an alarming rate in these first two decades of the 21 st century. The result has been famine and poverty in some of the world’s most densely populated regions like India and Africa. And, these dire conditions have led to chaos and war for many of the human communities in these areas. And, these severe problems are not isolated to these “underdeveloped” regions of our planet. Here in the United States, in many of our large urban cities, poverty and hunger is a persistent threat to millions of our fellow Americans. In our modern system of “free” western democracy, the rights and privileges of these people are severely restricted due to the grossly unfair practices of our local , regional and federal governing bodies. It is a simple fact of life that the economic status of an individual or family is directly related to the quality of life and the ability of any individual to successfully pursue happiness and security that is expressly written into the constitution of the United States of America.

Most comfortable American citizens living in a nice house in a safe neighborhood with a good income are truly not motivated to inspire change that is currently drastically needed by the ever increasing population in America’s poor regions of our country. These people that have been stuck in the cycle of poverty and hopelessness will only result in more and more social dysfunction that results in family rupture, drug use and criminal activities. The inadequate solutions that have been proposed by our national leaders of creating more and tougher welfare laws and sending more disadvantaged people to our all ready overcrowded prisons is only making the situation worse. What is needed is a total transformation of our national will.

A national priority of social and economic justice is the only solution that can help our besieged and dying system of democracy. The priorities of government must change to accommodate the millions of starving and impoverished people in our decaying inner cities and many rural communities. In our current laws, a vast inequality exists in the allocation of tax dollars. Subsidies to large corporations to help their share holders and wealthy CEO’s far outweigh the amount of funding used to rebuild America’s inner cities and deteriorating infrastructure. In fact, in 2012, the federal government spent an estimated $100B on helping large corporations . In contrast , in 2021, the federal government spent $46.5B for community and regional development.

In order for these national priorities to change the will of the individual citizen must change first. In fact, a major reason for the dysfunction and improper use of federal tax dollars is the apathy of the American people. The people that could do most to help the impoverished regions of our country are those very people that are benefiting from the inequality in our social systems. A total transformation is needed in America today to begin the process of rebirth of this great nation in which we live. To restore the values and obligations of the citizenry of the United States of America to the original purpose and intent that our great leaders mandated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, we need a total and complete transformation of the mindset of America. We need to bring back the spiritual and revolutionary zeal that broke us free from the chains of restrictions and regulations that existed from the tyrannical power of the elite royalty of British aristocracy. Those rules and regulations have now been given to the oligarchy of the monster corporate regimes that now control our government and the puppets that lead it. It is not too late for the citizens of these United States of America to bring back the values and honor that rightly belongs to the people and for the people.